We understand that you’re busy, so we’ll minimise the drain on your time

Third Eye will arrange the most competitive quotes and arrange renewals or supplier switches for your SME energy contracts. Beyond this, we’ll manage key dates to ensure you’re not caught in the rollover trap.

Our other services include free efficiency audits, multi-site and ‘co-terminus’ contracts – where your site portfolio have their individual contract dates aligned. This gives you more buying power and reduces admin time and resources.

We’ll also advise on general market trends and contract length options – in short, we offer a complete energy procurement service.


multi-site installations whether in one city - or across the country - handled as one, or individually, with ease

For larger single and multi-site consumptions and half-hourly meters, we seamlessly manage same-day live-market pricing for your whole portfolio – whatever its size.

Introducing genuine supplier competition and displaying their offers side by side in a like-for-like comparison, we bring clarity to the process of large volume procurement.

Our large-site specialists can advise on the best time of the year to take energy to the marketplace and smooth out supplier inconsistencies when quoting, such as inclusion of distribution and other charges.


Using less energy is widely recognised as the easiest and most cost effective way to reduce your energy bills and therefore your carbon emissions.

The Government is committed to encouraging energy efficient behaviour across Scotland to realise the benefits of saving energy.

  • reduce your energy bills
  • creates a more sustainable and secure energy system
  • boosts growth and creates jobs
  • reduce the impact on the environment

Third Eye can offer varying levels of Energy Efficiency Audit depending on your budget and how far you wish to implement such changes. So whether you just wish to see if you can easily reduce wastage of energy at little or no extra cost, or whether your company is looking for a leaner, greener footprint, we’re here to help.