What do you do?

Very simply. We meet with representatives of your business to carry out an initial appraisal of your company costs on a range of utilities and services, then procure cost savings for you across as many of them as we can. We carry out all of the search and comparison process, and deliver the results to your decision makers in a Savings Summary for approval. Thereafter we’ll arrange contracts for signature.

What specific utilities and services can you help us with?

Mains Gas and Electricity, Commerical Water Rates (Scotland only), Fixed and Mobile Telecommunication Line Rental and Call Charges.

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Who is the best point of contact for you at our company?

The person(s) who is authorised to sign contracts and make financial decisions on behalf of the company. In practice, though, much of our work  is easily done after the initial meeting by communicating electronically with your accountant, accounts department, bookkeeper or similar, to get sight of company bills.

What information does Third Eye Consulting need to be able to provide a quote summary?

All pages of recent (last three to six months) bills for all stated utilities and services. We’ll also provide a Letter of Engagement and Authority for you to sign, coupled with a blank company letterhead to allow us to communicate with your suppliers lawfully.

How long with consultation process take?

This varies depending on your contract status with each supplier. Typically water, merchant services and fixed telecoms can be dealt with quite quickly; energy and mobile phone contracts tend to be a little lengthier if locked in, however you may be out of contract and unaware. We establish all of this using your Letter of Engagement and Authority. Our savings guarantee covers the period until the end of all of your existing contracts, however it is rare that we can’t procure you savings imediately, whilst other could take up to 12 months, sometimes longer.

Is our company obliged to accept Third Eye Consulting’s recommendations?

Absolutely not, you make those decisions which you feel are best for your company, we merely consult and recommend. It may however be counter productive to engage Third Eye Consulting to find you savings and not take advantage of them!

What are your consulting fees?

For procurement, our costs are covered by the utility companies for bringing them new clients, so we don’t charge you a penny. Where we agree a separate fee for Bill Validation and similar services, the fee will be a percentage of savings made or refunds secured. Again, effectively costing you nothing.